Style consultancy is a journey you take to discover your personal style, to find the real you inside and reflect it outside. Because when you are real, everything is more beautiful and more productive. My job is to guide you in developing your own effective style, which suits all the roles you undertake in life, by bringing your best foot forward and remaining loyal to your real identity. Wardrobe and shopping consultancy needs to be an ongoing process, in order to form personal style habits and keep them. It is highly recommended you receive style consultancy semiannually at the beginning of each season. Aside from that you can always hire a style consultant whenever you need support to make the best of your budget during any shopping trip. I am always here, at your disposal.

Who can benefit?

First of all, anyone with a certain goal can receive style consultancy.

  • Professionals who want to reinvent their style

  • Professionals who recently received a promotion

  • Professionals who want a promotion


  • Personal:
    • People who recently gained/lost weight

      Plus size who have trouble dressing

      People who are pregnant or in their post pregnancy stages

      People who want to get married

    • People who are in the middle of a or post divorce

    • Getting ready for a special day/event (wedding, graduation, reunion, etc.)


    • If you don't like shopping

      If you don't like shopping

      If you don't have enough alternatives in your city

      If you have hard time shopping with kids

      If you are visiting Istanbul and want to have a guided shopping experience to spend wisely or to find a few good designers you can't find at home

zeynep erkan
Style consultancy can offer you support during hardship as well, such as recovering from a serious illness, going back to work after pregnancy or re-borning out of your ashes after a breakup.