Our image is a tool we use to communicate, while supporting our self esteem. My job is to find the real you through the style consultancy process and let you reflect it from within through your clothing, style and body language, and feeling comfortable with it.
DFor that we meet and have a deep dive session about your life, your roles in life, your character, how would you like all this to reflect on others. Then we test your fashion character and shopping behavior. We determine who the real you is by combining your test and session results. If you wish you can benefit from my life coaching services along with style consultancy and rediscover yourself inside out. If you are interested, please visit Life Coaching and Style Consultancy under Life Coaching.
zeynep erkan
zeynep erkan

Wardrobe Detox

Every morning you stand in front of your wardrobe and think “what will I wear”
  • You are mad at yourself for spending money on all the wrong pieces of clothing

  • You are damn fit but still can't look good in anything

  • Your wardrobe is full of unworn stuff with price tags

Well you came to the right place.

After the analysis interview, I previously mentioned, we agree on your personal style and move on to your wardrobe. In this session, the first thing I look at is how accurately your existing wardrobe reflects your life, colors and body type. During the few hours, we prepare and photograph different looks that reflect you and which you can wear to play out your different roles in life. This means, you will have the luxury of knowing that you have clothes that fit your body and color type for any occasion or activity in your life. Then I move on to detect any piece of clothing that does not reflect you or even if it does, does not fit you. If possible, I find a way to adapt it to your new style or your body, if not, we say our goodbyes with it. The following step is creating your unique capsule wardrobe. I determine any missing pieces to create our shopping list.

Shopping Consultancy

We arrange shopping sessions in order to buy the pieces on our shopping list, with your allocated budget. We can either go shopping together or I can shop for you. Or if you feel that you're ready, you can shop alone with your shopping list. You don't have to receive Wardrobe Detox in order to receive Shopping Consultancy, but we do need to go through the analysis interview in order to find out your true style. I should add that during all sessions, I share personal style tips according to your body type and colors, while you try the looks we're shopping.

Shopping in Istanbul?

You are visiting Istanbul and want to shop a few good designers you can't find at home or maybe you are on a budget and want to make the most of your Istanbul shopping days or better yet, you live here and the language barrier just adds to your already existing shopping frustration? Well, you know what to do, I am here for you. Write me before you get to Istanbul and I'll arrange everything.

zeynep erkan

Crisis Management

“What should I wear for my daughter's graduation? All the moms will be chic for sure, but I'm on a budget.” “I will be attending a reception with my spouse and I want to look well-matched. And by matched I don't mean, I want my dress and his tie be the same color.” “It is my first business dinner with my client. I want to stand out from the rest of the bankers at the table. What can I do without compromising my professional look?” “Could you help me get ready for a special night? And I mean from head to toe. Makeup, hair, outfit, the whole pack.” Some situations do not call for a style or wardrobe analysis. You might find yourself in one of the crisis above or more. In such emergencies, do not hesitate to contact GerçekSen. I shall find the most fitting solution in the shortest timings.

Gift Consultancy

You are sick of buying the same old gifts to people, and you are stuck in the accessory, bag, t-shirt vicious circle. The shirts and ties you get for your anniversaries do not reflect its meaning. You need to buy someone a present out of duty, and that's even harder than getting a present for someone you know. I am not even getting into buying a gift for your client. Or you simply don't have the time and in your hectic professional life, you need someone to keep track of all the important dates and get your presents for you and delivered to your door. Get in touch for the details of gift consultancy.
zeynep erkan
zeynep erkan

Packing Consultancy

Short vacations with huge suitcases?
Don't know what to take on a business trip?
I can pack the case for you. The mini capsule wardrobe
I will prepare for each trip will let you make the most of your suitcase.