Zeynep's magical touch was one of the best things that ever happened to me and it was a point of return. It's great to know that she'll be by my side through my life. I thank her for the value she added to my life.

S. Communications Professional

It's like you touched me with a magic wand. Whoever sees me compliments. I learned shopping with you, started searching for things I never looked for before. Thank you so much. I no longer wonder what to wear.

Z. Doctor

I never forget the day we met. It was times when I questioned my self worth. I was thinking we might do a few outfits and I'd feel good. Boy, was I wrong?! As she made me talk I understood, I didn't want to do shopping, I had a goal. I should thank Zeynep for reminding me that. And for all the fun during shopping.

D. Sales Analyst

Zeynep's respect for her work, her control and spirit made everything easy and fun. All the indecisiveness, tiredness and self-questioning dissappeared. We picked the best pieces for my body, age, work and life. I made a good decision choosing her.

B. Producer

I can't say I met Zeynep and my life changed. But she made me realize I can motivate myself with what I'm wearing. I am always impressed by her control over her work and precise attitude. Plus, it's great shopping with a professional.

A. Director at a University

◦ Shopping with Zeynep is an exciting experience. You literally rediscover the stores you already know. With each piece you try, you find yourself saying “I would have never tried this on but it looks fabulous.” Her friendly talk, unexpected comments make it all more fun.

H. Finance